Sold Childhood

Episode I

My name is Adanna Eze, born into a family of six and I am the first child and daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Mazi Okoro Eze. I have two other sisters and a brother. We are from the eastern part of Nigeria and a dedicated Catholic member.  

Mum is the leader for women group while dad is an elder in our community church and due to our parent dedication and service to God; we grew up loving God and tried our best to live in the way that pleases God. Every child in our neighborhood wants to be associated with us and parents do not hesitate to use us as an example when their brood misbehave. 

I will not say we were rich, but we were not poor either, we lived comfortably until I left home. All our needs were met and sometimes we got what we wanted as kids. 

Daddy sells palm wine, which is an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of various species of palm tree such as the palmyra, date palms etc. while mum sells food stuff in our local market. 

We lived a very simple and contented life; dad was respected for his good deeds in our community and mum is known for her hospitality. 

Our community is small, so we know almost all kindred and families in the community, it was a communal living. 

Of all my siblings I was my dad’s favorite, his right-hand person and the one everyone meets if they want daddy to do something. He makes sure I eat his meat whenever he is eating and always keeps me updated with news from our local market.  

I was the envy of my other siblings, and my mum will always say “onye na-apụnara mmadụ ihe” 

I was the person they ran to if they needed daddy to give them something or approve a movement. I was truly daddy’s girl and I loved everything about it. 

Every evening after work, I was the one who prepares his bath water, set his food on his eating stool with his tray well arranged. My mum will pass most times, hit her hands together and hiss in a joking way. 

I will laugh and rush to sit close to daddy just to watch him eat and chill chat. 

I love watching him eat. The way he eats neatly, making sure every bone is well arranged; how he cuts his swallow little by little and lastly, the part when he will cut his meat for me no matter how little his meat is. After eating we will talk about our day and plans for the next day.  

To him I am his proof of his strength, the first seed from his manhood. Everybody in our local community knew I was my father’s eyes. for every of his gathering, he must Mention my name, 

Nwa m adanna ga-abụ onye ọka iwu, ọ ga-agba gị akwụkwọ” he jokingly said to Mr. Amadi, his childhood friend as they gist in front of our compound while drinking some palm wine dad brought back home from his shop.  

In as much as I was his closest, I try my best not to slap the love daddy has for me on my siblings faces. When daddy does not need my attention, I spend my time with my siblings and daddy tries his best to create time for them and will always remind them of how much he loves them too.  

My life was routine, If I am not at school, I am taking care of the house, or helping mum at the market or in church.  

Life was going on well until Mr. Okezie started dragging daddy’s land with him. This is the same person that will come to our house to eat, gist with daddy and daddy will innocently tell him about his land that has the best palm trees, coconut trees and plantain plants. 

Before we knew what was happening, Mr. Okezie went to get a plot close to daddy’s land and started dragging a portion of daddy’s land that has palm tree and the plantain plant. 


Daddy tried settling the case in a friendly way, but Mr. Okezie wanted our Igwe to be involved. Dad explained to him that before Sir Deribe died, he was the one that sold the land and showed daddy where it started and ended which made dad to demarcate the land with a signpost with his name on it. Mr. Okezie said until Mr. Deribe testifies before Igwe he will not buy daddy’s claims, knowing fully well that Sir Deribe is dead. 

Dad and Mazi Okezie have been in and out of Igwe’s palace because of this land and every time he comes home, he will say “ I do not understand what is keeping the Igwe from giving me my land after proving to him I am the owner. Ada daddy ya; you must be a lawyer so you can help me win this case.” I nodded my head while listening to him talk about his day at the market and palace, and of course mum came to interrupt our discussion by sending me inside the house. 

I was fourteen years old and in Senior secondary school form one with all my attractive womanly organs popping out. I was an art student because of the promise I made to dad about becoming a lawyer and every day as I walk to school, I picture myself wearing lawyer’s regalia as I defend my clients because of dad’s constant reminder. 

Life was going as planned Until a youth copper was sent to our community secondary school for him to take us on English and Literature Language. He was introduced on the assembly ground, and everyone wanted to get a glimpse of him. I was at the back but could see him due to his height and I am tall as well. 

He introduced himself as Mr. Jolomi and told us he will be taking all senior secondary school student English and Literature Language and he hopes he stay will be impactful. The responses from the students showed that they were all happy to have him. Somehow, I felt he was looking at me but brushed it off because I am not the only one on in his front and he is not blind. 

We watched our various classes after the principal gave an announcement and while in class, before our first class began everybody was talking about Mr. Jolomi. Some were talking about his physical features while some were talking about how he speaks fluently and eloquently. I did not say a word to anyone, but all my words were said in my head. 

Mr. Jolomi is fine, tall, lanky with dark shining skin. I looked forward to having him teach in our class and fortunately he took our class first. 

He walked in with his khaki trousers and shirt; well fitted on his body. He had a blue water bottle in one hand while holding some textbooks with the other. 

Immediately he walked in we greeted him “Good morning Mr. Jolomi, you are welcome to SS1 B, God bless you sir ” We chorused. 

He responded to our greetings with a smile and went on with his teaching. 

Listening to him teach blew my mind. His diction and how he pronounces every word fascinated me. I was lost most of the time but tried to pick up immediately I noticed he asked questions randomly. While he was teaching some girls were talking about him and acting in a funny way so he could notice them. 

I decided to concentrate on his teaching and out of the blues he pointed towards my direction and asked me to repeat an illustration he just gave. I stood up looking straight into his eyes, not knowing or thinking others are there. 

He was also looking directly into my eyes, and I could see he was focus on me alone, I adjusted myself and answered correctly making sure my English were correct and accented in a way. 

He asked the class to clap for me and complimented how I speak. I felt on top of the world and stylishly sat down; my sit mate gave me a light pinch just to tease me for Mr. Jolomi’s Compliment.  

After he left my classmates began to tease me. 

David that has been complimenting you, you will not smile like the way you were smiling for Mr. Jolomi. no man should take you from my guy oh. ma ka chi, m ga-emerụ ya ahụ” Obi said jokingly and we all laughed about it 

David is a fellow classmate of mine that has had a crush on me for a very long time now, but I do not feel the same way for him. There was a time our teacher caught him writing a love letter to me and that news was the news for a whole year. Going to school then was dreadful because eyes were always on me whenever I passed. I do not feel anything for him and even when I try to think of him I could not because of his lifestyle.  

David is always looking rough and unkept because of his playful nature and he will always say 

School is not for me, I will soon join my uncle in Onitsha to learn spare part business. School is for lazy people” he will jokingly say anytime they tease him about his inability to answer a question right. 

After my first encounter with Mr. Jolomi, I always look forward to seeing him; his face and smile always flash through my heart whenever I am alone, and this causes me to smile to myself sheepishly. I began to love school more and always try to pass through our staff room just to see him and anytime I see him with any female copper or teacher talking I get a bit angry and jealous. 

Episode III 

Life continued to move on well and as time grew by, I began to fantasize a lot about Mr. Jolomi. I see myself thinking about him before I go to bed, and I end up dreaming of him.  

I always see both of us wearing the same attire and acting friendly and cozy. Every time I wake up from such dreams my day is always made. I will sing while cleaning and make sure I get to school on time because Mr. Jolomi is among the first ten that come to school every day. 

You come to school pretty early dear, how are you?” he asked while responding to my greetings. 

I smiled and told him” “I wake up very early and finish my chores on time.” 

“Impressive!” he responded. 

Thank you, sir,” I said 

Have a good day and make sure you pay attention in class; I will see you later” he said as we departed. 

I held on to the hand of my school bag close to my chest as I sheepishly smiled to my classroom with his voice echoing in my head.  

I could not wait to see him in class, and he finally did after the break period. He took the class through a topic and as usual asked questions which I gladly answered some and he did not fail to compliment me. 

After the lecture he asked me to help him carry our books so he can mark the classwork he gave us. I was happy he chose me and somehow felt on top of the world. 

I took the books and as we both walked to the staff room, I caught him stealing glances at me which made my heart skip some beats and I could not help myself from smiling; at some point his skin touched mine and it sent this strong sensation to my spine.  

I could not explain what it was, but I loved how it made my heart feel.  

He gently touches my shoulders while making way for me to go in front when we got to the stairs. I held my breath and for a few minutes it seemed as though my brain forgot how to walk but tried my best to walk down the stairs while he walked behind me with his fragrance filling my nostril with sweet smell. 

Dad was still going back and forth with the land issue with Mr. Deribe and the king later adjourned the case to four market days before he would pass his judgment after a long seat and waiting in his palace one afternoon.  

Dad has been tensed since the date for final verdict was given, and we made sure comforted him during his trying time and I always remind him of having a soon to be lawyer who will defend and protect him. he will smile, rub my head and said ” anya m, I cannot wait to be called daddy lawyer” 

One Saturday morning mum asked me to quickly get Ngu from our local market which she will use to prepare Abacha for dad before they both leave for the day. She forgot to get it the previous day.  

Due to the urgency of the errand, I left the house not minding how I was looking, while buying Ngu someone gently touched my shoulders and the smell surrounding the place at the time was that of Mr. Jolomi. as I turned to know who it was; truly it was him, I stylishly smiled, greeted him with my head down, he drew my head up and asked what I was doing in the market this early. 

My mum forget to buy ngu, so I had to get it for her” I responded. 

I see, that is nice, and it is nice seeing you today, you look beautiful by the way” he complimented me even when I felt I was looking rough. 

Let me help you with the bag” I said while trying to circumvent his compliment, somehow, they make me feel nervous even though I love it. 

Don’t worry, rush home so your mum will not be mad at you” 

Allow me to help you, I will walk fast” I insisted 

He obliged and I helped him carry the items in a polytene bag. I collected my Ngu and we walked to his apartment.  

As we walked, I began to fantasize about us being a couple, how we would go to the market together and walk home. how he will always protect and teach me. As we walked, a lot was going through my mind and subsequently he would ask if I was fine, which I affirmed. 

We got to his gate, and he was feeling reluctant of me coming into his compound. I told him not to worry and forced myself into the gate. As I got inside the gate, I saw Joy Amadi, an SS3 A student washing in front of a door which happens to be Mr. Jolomi’s apartment. 

I did not say a word to her, I dropped the bag and rushed out from their presence. Mr. Jolomi tried saying thank you, I did not respond to it because I was feeling hurt to withstand him. I ran out with tears dropping from my eyes without my consent. 

I could not tell if I was crying because my mum would scold me for coming back late or if it was jealousy that was making me cry. 

I cried till I got home, gave the Ngu to mum who was already angry at me for coming back late. Without saying a word or explaining myself I went to my room. 

Episode IV 

Mmasinachi, my immediate younger sister was asking me what the problem was; one part of me wanted to tell her but of a truth I could not pinpoint what the problem was.  

What will I tell her? I went to a man’s house? or I am crying because I saw Joy in Mr. Jolomi’s apartment? Why was I even crying? I sat down looking at her with my red eyes. She was perplexed and kept asking what was wrong. 

I managed to shift our attention to something else and we went about our day. 

After seeing Joy in Mr. Jolomi’s house, I made a promise to ignore him and stay far from him. 

I stopped going to school very early and most of the time miss his class with the excuse of having a running stomach. 

I kept my distance and made sure I blocked every possible way we could come in contact. There is this sharp stab I always feel in my heart anytime I see senior joy, but I always manage to hide it. The last thing I wanted to do was to embarrass myself due to my emotions. I do not want to give her reasons to think I am jealous of her. 

after two weeks of avoiding Mr. Jolomi, he asked my classmate David to call me and instructed I report to the staff room immediately. 

David came to pass the message and fear gripped me. Will I get punished for my recent attitude? I silently prayed; Mr. Jolomi as not reported me to anyone, and the person wanted to question me in front of my teachers.  

I was about to reach for the staffroom door when Mr. Jolomi’s gently dragged me from outside.  

Realizing he was the one, I quickly released myself from his arms. 

Why do I feel like you are avoiding me” he said 

His words tightened my heart, and I was happy he was concerned because of my behavior.  

I do not understand sir” I responded 

Stop this Ada, you have been avoiding me since u saw Joy in my house” he said 

At the mention of joy’s name my heart hurt but I managed to stash it. 

I am not sir” I responded 

I wish I could tell him what I was feeling but I do not even understand what was happening to my innocent heart.  

He held my hands and said “Ada, stop running from me please”  

I looked at him and felt sincerity and calmness from the tone of his voice. I swallowed an invisible food in my throat and said “Okay sir” 

Promise me” he said  

I promise” I replied 

He squeezed my hands with a smile, showing his beautiful dentition. He was too handsome for a man. 

I stylishly looked at him while trying to release my hands from his warm soft palms. 

I should be in class now” I said with my head down. 

Run along, see you later” he said softly. 

I said thank you and rushed to my class. 

Throughout that day all I could think of was his touch, his soft palm, his smile, how his lips parted. I do not know what he was doing to me, but I loved it. 

After our last meeting, Mr. Jolomi came to our class one morning and asked us to write an essay describing ourselves, stating likes and dislikes, he promised to give the best writer a gift. 

Immediately after he left our class, everyone began drafting their letter. 

I wanted to win so I could get the gift and be part of his brilliant student. I wanted to do things that would wow him. 

I did a lot of writing and tearing just to get the perfect essay. Finally, the day for submission came and he asked me to collect from everyone and drop it on his desk before he starts the day’s work; I did as instruct and rushed back to the class. 

A week later he came back to the class with the result and awarded Grace Amadi who happens to be Joy Amadi’s younger sister.  

I was sad for not only failing the contest, but I felt he gave the gift to Grace because of her sister.  

Everyone clapped for her and throughout his teaching I was far from class even though I was present in class. after school I went home straight without waiting for my friend who I normally walk home with. 

I was not ready to share my pain with anyone before the whole school heard of it. 

Episode v 

I got home and promised to let Mr. Jolomi be, since it is obvious, he likes Joy and will do anything for her, even going to the extent of awarding her sister as the best essay writer.  

It was not an easy decision and I do not know how I was going to go about it, but I promised myself to let go that night as I lay down on my bed. I was tired of the pain I feel always because of him, and it is obvious he will never like me back. 

I managed to avoid Mr. Jolomi for a few days and was so proud of myself until I saw him standing on the route I normally take TO and FRO school. He was holding a polytene bag and it seemed as though he was waiting for someone. My mind told me he must be waiting for Joy and my heart twisted at the thought of him waiting for her. 

Move fast Ada, do not look at him” I said to myself. 

I got to where he was, greeted him and was about to move sharply when he held my right arm and drew me back. 

There is something about is touch, 

There is something about his presence that makes my knee weak, and I have no choice but to succumb to his command. 

I stood looking straight into his eyes as if I will cry, “I know you are avoiding me again, and I think I know why” he said. 

I blinked my eyes and stuttered while saying “nooo, I am not” 

Are you sure?” He asked, still holding my arms. 

YES” I said, trying to avoid his gaze. 

Do you like me?” he asked 

My heart flew out of my body, “No, I mean why did you ask?” I managed to say. 

He smiled and said ” Never mind, take; I made sure I got the best for you” 

I was shocked and wondered how he knew I love pineapples. 

You are surprised I know about your love for pineapples?” He asked, I nodded my head in an affirmative way. 

“It was because of you I asked the class to write an easy so I can know you better“. 

My heart melted and leaped for Joy; I was glad he wanted to know me more. 

I was blushing so hard and did not know what to say. 

“You are welcome” he said with a smile which exposed his nice set of teeth.  

I am sorry, thank you” I said with my head down. 

“I am glad you like it, stop ignoring me Ada” he said. 

I nodded while looking at him sheepishly. 

Run home so your mum doesn’t get tense up,” he said. 

I wanted to stay with him and have him hold me so tight. Whenever I am around him it feels like the world is still and it is only us standing on earth. I blushed till I got home while reminiscing of my encounter with him.  

I peeled the pineapples and ate them for my lunch. it tasted so different and nice, maybe because he gave them to me.  

I stopped ignoring him and returned to my early morning routine of seeing him and this time around I was not scared of anyone seeing the both of us together.  

I made sure I read his subject, prepared ahead of test and exams so I can be the overall best student in his subject.  

He loves to compliment me, starting from my uniform and how I walk. His words always echo in my head whenever I am alone, and I was seeing him as my future husband.  

One Friday he asked if I could come over to his apartment so we could study a topic which I was struggling with understanding his explanation. I told him I would tell mum about it. 

“I pray she approves it” he said while I smiled.  

I told mum about meeting my teacher the next day for clarification on something without stating if the person was a male or female. She approved and said I need to make sure I was done with my chores before leaving. 

I was excited but tried to conceal it before she wanted to investigate the excitement. I went to Mr. Jolomi’s house the next day after rushing my chores. He was excited to see me and said he did not know I would make it so he did not cook but will quickly prepare noodles for me. 

I objected but he refused to accept my no and went ahead to get ingredients while I watched some hard copy photos, he gave to me.  

Episode VI 

The noodles were well garnished with vegetables and lots of fish, it was the best noodles I ever tasted. We ate from the same plate, and I guardedly ate even though I felt like pushing all at once into my mouth, I retrained myself, so I do not appear as a little bush girl. 

We ate the garnish noodles with orange juice and cold water from his fridge. He brought out chin chin and Fanta when it was time for him to explain the topic to me. 

I loved everything about him, the neatness of his house and how he was asking me at intervals if I was okay and told me to feel at home.  

I understood what he was explaining from the beginning but lost focus when I raised my head to see him looking at me while explaining.  

His eyes captivated me, and the closeness did not help matters. It got to a point where I was lost in my thoughts and the only thing, I was hearing was his sophisticated voice without hearing the words.  

I was looking into his eyes and all I could see were shining stars twinkling which were sending me butterflies. He realized I was not paying attention anymore; he used his index finger to pull the strand of my hair from my face and his touch sent an electrifying sensation to my body.  

I held my breath, and he adjusted the books to the side and came close to where I was sitting. I folded my hands into my laps and all the emotions going through me were strange and before I knew what was happening, I felt his soft succulent small lips on my lips. 

The feeling was too strong that I had to close my eyes with my hands still in my laps without moving.  

He continued doing what he was doing, and I did not stop him even though I had no idea what he was doing but I loved it and I allowed him to finish what he was doing. 

When he was done, he brought my hands out and said “Open your eyes” with a smirk expression. 

I was too shy to look at him and he said, “ is this your first kiss?”  

Yes“, I responded  

“I figured. I am happy I got to kiss you first because I like you so much” he said. 

I looked into his eyes trying to search if truly he likes me for real and deep down, I was beyond excited to hear him say he likes me, which means Joy is not a problem. I am the one he likes. 

I did not know what to say to him, so I hugged him just to help the awkwardness and I had been longing to hug him for so long. He held me so tight, and I could smell his sweet fragrance in full force. His smell made me fall deeper for him and I did not want to let go. 

while we hugged, he gently moves my face to his face and place his lips on my lips again and he asked 

Do you like me?”  

I could not talk because my mouth was closed inside his mouth, so I nodded. He used his hands to gently reach for my mouth and parted my lips while his tongue found its way into my mouth. Every action of his was electrifying to my body and it felt heavenly. 

After having my first kiss with him, we studied a little and I went home a different being. I was excited and looked forward to doing it again. 

After what we shared in his apartment, I began to think of him more, made sure I see him in the morning and before leaving school even though he always acts formally with me in school which I try to understand he was trying to protect us from gossip and punishment.  

I was still preforming well in school and tries to prowl into his apartment when I am sent on an errand or give myself the stress of fetching water in his locale in order to have some moment with him, and as time grows by I became so used to him that it got to the extent of me feeling restless if I do not see him in two days and before I knew what was happening we became intimate.  

the first day we had sex was very painful and stressful but with time my body got used to it and I became addicted to him.  

My body began to change, and I felt different. All of this happened without my parents knowing. they never suspected I guess because of the trust they had for me.  

One day I sneaked out to meet Mr. Jolomi and found the door open so I entered with the mindset of scaring him when he returned for leaving his door unlocked. only to hear a female voice from the kitchen 

” Baby, are you back?”  

Episode VII 

I tiptoed to where the voice came from and saw Joy in her P-Jamas cooking, what I felt was a cardiogenic shock. It was as if my heart could not pump blood anymore. I was about to leave when she turned and was also to see me. 

Ada, what are you doing here?” She questioned me while scanning my face. 

“I came to see Mr. Jolomi'” I stuttered. 

For what?” she asked with an irritating look. 

“I, I mean we need to explain something” I replied, conflicting myself. 

“I, we, I do not understand” she responded. 

I left her presence before she could complete her statement, and just at the right time Mr. Jolomi walked in.  

I saw the shock and confusion in his eyes as I stood still looking straight into his eyeballs with tears rushing down my eyes; my heart was moving in fast motion, and I felt like fainting. 

“Leave before you faint” I said to my self 

Joy was behind me, so I needed to be strong and act like his student.  

Good afternoon, sir, I am sorry, I did not know you had a visitor” I said and walked out. 

My journey back home was horrible, my tears were overflowing and mucus dripping from my nose. I could not go home in my state, so I went to my best friend’s house. Fortunately, her parents were not around. I drank the water I requested and relaxed my head on the wall. She asked me what the problem was, and I lied not to be feeling fine 

I tried to pretend as if all was well at home but whenever I am alone, I will cry myself a river and pretend as if I am sleeping if I hear footsteps approaching. I did not want to go to school or see anything that would remind me of Mr. Jolomi.  

I hated the way I was feeling but did not know what to do to let the pain go so all I did was to cry and sleep. 

I started losing weight and before I knew what was happening, I was down with fever which made me not to go to school for two days, on the third day while my parent was out for business and my other siblings in school, I brought out mat outside so I can receive fresh air. As I was lying down with my eyes open, I saw Mr. Jolomi walking into our compound and my heart nearly shifted from its appropriate position. 

Seeing him brought flashes of what happened in his house and again, my eyes failed me. I began to cry. He came to where I was lying and sat down on my mat. I adjusted myself and stayed mute while looking at nothing. 

How are you?” He asked 

I nodded without saying anything. 

What is wrong with you?” He asked. 

I wagged my head. 

Is like you do not want to talk to me” he said 

I did not say a word, my eyes were fixed on our gate as he spoke. 

Ada, I did not see you in school, that is why I am here, and I will also want to apologize for what happened in my house the other day. Joy is the one forcing herself on me, it is you that I like, and I already told her about you” 

A part of me did not believe him, I had questions. Why did he not follow me when I left? Why was she wearing nightwear and the way she called out to him showed otherwise. 

What he was saying was not able to convince me or even cure the pain I was feeling even though I wished my heart would believe him so I could be free from the pain I was feeling but it did not happen. 

Ada, I like you a lot and I hate the fact I am causing you so much pain, please find a place to forgive me and also let go of my mistake” he said.  

I could not hold my tears anymore; I was crying as he was talking, and I used the back of my palm to clean my face. 

He stretched his hands to touch my face and I turned my face away. 

“I am sorry Ada; I am deeply sorry. I will take my leave before your parent, or someone sees me here” he said 

I did not say a word to him and watching him leave was hurting me but him staying hurt me too.  

Episode VIII 

I resumed school one week after the incident and tried to move past it because my exams were fast approaching, and I needed to make mum and dad proud. 

Mr. Jolomi asked someone to call me one noon, I went to the staff room, and he handed me an envelope with a story book. 

I saw this story book and decided to get it for you ” he said. 

Thank you, sir,” I replied with a bow, I did not want to act in a way that will raise the suspicion of other teachers. 

I took the storybook and the envelope to the toilet to check what was inside the envelope. 

I opened it and found a letter with some money in it. 

“Ada, it been a very lonely and sad week for me because I have not seen your face. I am sad because I know I am the reason for this pain you are feeling. Please try and trust the fact that it is you that i like and want to be with.  

Understand I long for your touch and love the way your body response to my touch. Let’s enjoy life together again. It’s too short to be angry for long. 

if you accept this, and my apology itself, can you come to my house in the evening just to prove you have forgiven me? I want nothing more than for you to forgive me so that I can whisper in your ears how much I like you and take you to cloud nine.  

I will be waiting for you after school, and I promise to make you scream for joy. Yours love Jolomi.” 

Before I finished reading the letter every anger in my body was gone and I wished he was close by so he could do all the things he promises to do to my body. 

I took the money and got lunch for my best friend and I, we ate to our satisfaction and drank cold soda to step it down. I got my butterflies back and I could not wait to rush home after school so I could meet with him. 

I got home, took my bath and rushed off to his house. Immediately he opened the door and I saw him standing at the door with a wide smile, my heart melted and all i wanted was to hold him tight. He was standing not knowing what to do, I pushed him gently to get in. he locked the door, grabbed me quickly and went for my lips as if his life depends on it “ I have missed you ” He whispered. 

I was so enthralled to respond or even notice the flowers and decoration he did for me close to his sofa. He carried me up and placed me on the sofa, gently removed opened my shirt button and we had a good time. 

The intimacy felt different, and I fell in love all over again. We ate the food he prepared, drank some wine and had an intimate section again before I left for home. 

I left feeling revived and energized. Luckily for me I got home before my parents and started preparing dinner. 

Days turn to weeks, weeks turned to month with my third term examination fast approaching. Mr. Jolomi and I meet once a week and our love blossomed until I started falling sick. 

Episode IX

Mum was using her discretion to get drugs for me, but none was working so dad asked her to take me to the hospital for proper checkup and when the result came out it showed I was 8weeks (about 2 months) pregnant. 

Mum nearly fainted, she called dad immediately and dragged me home by my arms. at intervals mum will give out a sigh and say “Chimooo” while at home 

I began to sweat profusely while we awaited the arrival of dad. 

When dad came, he rushed in and asked mum ” Why were you sounding like that on the phone, Kedu ihe bụ nsogbu?” 

my mum shouted “Nwata a egbuola m eiiii” 

“Kedu ihe ọ bụ” daddy asked 

jụọ nwa agbọghọ ahụ na-enupụ isi” mum responded 

Nne Ada, stop saying such to her, kedu ihe o mere” he cautioned her 

“ọ dị ime” mum shouted with her hands on her head and tears dropping from her eyes 

Dad was transfixed, he turned his gaze from mum to my direction. I went on my knees, crying and begging. Mum was crying and dad was too shocked to talk, he got up and went to his room. 

Mum began to bounce on me, beating me with all her strength while I tried to dodge some hits and pleaded for mercy. 

That day was like a mourning day. My siblings came back and were shocked to see mum at home by that time. I stayed mute to their questions because I was ashamed of telling them the reason why mum was home. 

At night dad came out with red eyes which indicated he might have been crying or was sleeping. 

He asked my younger sister to bring his food unlike him. I used to be the one that brings his food but that night he asked her to bring it.  

After eating, which I had to force myself to, dad asked everyone to remain seated after returning our plate that we have an important meeting. My heart was already in my mouth. 

I never knew I would one day be in this situation but as it pleases Ada, she has made me sit here and discuss that which is evil and ungodly. Ada is pregnant and I will like her to tell us who the father of her unborn child is” dad said 

I was scared to mention his name, so I stayed mute. The first-time dad asked, mum could not wait for me to gather myself before landing a slap on my face “ị ga-ekwu” she asked. 

I held my face and said “ Mr. Jolomi” 

Who is Mr. Jolomi?” Dad asked 

My teacher” I responded. 

eiiiiii, chineke nna, onye nkuzi kwa” mum lamented. 

Woman, hold yourself, Ada, I want you to bring that person that has put you in a family way at this age to me tomorrow” he said and left us all in the parlor. 

Mum kept on lamenting and tried hitting me, thanks to my siblings who blocked her. 

The next day I went to school very early so I could see Mr. Jolomi and pass the message to him. 

He was shocked and asked why my dad wanted to see him and I pretended not to know why.  

I managed to stay focused in school and when we closed, I reminded Mr. Jolomi and he promised to come and see him. Dad came back early from the market and Mr. Jolomi came thirty minutes after dad returned. 

We were all in the parlor waiting for him when he came, and I could feel the uneasiness from his expression. 

He greeted everyone and dad offered him a seat after exchanging pleasantries. 

Thank you, sir,” he said while seated. 

“Mr. Jolomi, right?” dad asked 

Yes sir ” he responded adjusting his body. 

Good, how old are you?” Dad asked. 

Episode X 

“I am twenty-eight years old sir” he responded in fear and his body movement showed he was unsettled. I was standing close to the door with my head down and tears rushing down as I twisted a part of my blouse.  

Good, you are a twenty-eight-year-old grown man who enjoys the bosom of a teenager okwaya? do you know how old she is?” dad asked with indignation in his voice. 

I do not understand your questions sir” He responded. Dad was about to hit him if not for the swift intervention of mum. 

“You have put my little girl in the family way, a girl I sent to school to learn how to be a lawyer so she can defend me is now carrying a child all thanks to you Jolomi. ” Dad was fuming at this point. 

Mr. Jolomi sat still as if any movement from his end would send an attack. 

What is your plan for my daughter and the child she is carrying for you?” dad questioned. 

ermm, I really cannot say anything now sir because I am in shock” he responded. 

Were you in shock when you were having sexual intercourse with her? Were you in shock when you poured your sperm into her? You must marry her. You must make her your wife. I cannot bear the shame of having a teenage pregnant daughter under my roof” Dad fired back 

Sir please, allow me think about this” Mr. Jolomi pleaded 

Efu le fu, think about what? There is nothing to think about. you should have thought it through before sleeping with a little girl and making her a mother” mum joined in. 

“I am sorry for our actions, but I promise to think through and let her know the way forward which will be in line for the betterment of the both of us. Marriage is a serious business,” Mr. Jolomi replied. 

It was a back-and-forth meeting, with voices and emotions going high and low and when he left mum made me understand the man do not see me as a wife that is the reason why he was not buying into the idea of marrying me. 

The meeting was not how I had pictured it to be, I thought he would be happy and agree to marry me immediately, but with the outcome of the meeting fears of the unknown began to set in and mum confirming my fears made it worse. 

I went to meet Mr. Jolomi as instructed by Dad to get his feedback after three days of not seeing him. I got to his house and Joy opened the door. I told her I needed to see Mr. Jolomi and she tried questioning me, I was too weak for drama due to morning sickness, so I asked her to let me in or call Mr. Jolomi for me. 

She locked the door on me and went to call Mr. Jolomi, he came out after a few minutes and mare looking at his face he was not happy to see me. 

He dragged me by my left arm out of the compound to stand under the mango tree opposite his gate. I asked him why he brought me out instead of his room and he said he does not want Joy to know about his business. 

What is she doing in your house again” I asked 

Is she the important thing that brought you here? Please stop asking me questions and tell me why you are here” he replied. 

I could not believe my ears but pretended not to be sad or angry so I could get positive feedback. 

Dad asked me to come for the feedback” I said. 

See, Ada, you will have to abort that child. I am not ready for marriage, I have a lot to do with my life and again, why didn’t you take the stuff I use to give you after sex” he asked 

I looked at Mr. Jolomi and wished I was dreaming. 

Do you want me to die, you want me to kill someone?” I asked amidst my tears. 

Ada, girls of ten years are doing it and it is nothing, I am not rea” he was about to complete the statement when joy came out and asked him what the problem was 

Babe, I am coming. I need to sort out a minor issue” He replied to her. 

He called her babe in my presence without thinking of how I would feel. 

I was too stunned to talk; I was looking at him and he was acting like an elder brother and not the love of my life that I knew and fell in love with. Joy looked at me from up to down before leaving. 

I looked at Mr. Jolomi and I could not help but cry in his presence because his actions were hurting me, and he care less. 

“Marry me, please” I pleaded. 

He laughed sarcastically and said ” Marry you? HOW! Ada, please abort that thing, he brought out some money from his pocket to give me for the abortion process, I looked at him and walked away. 

Episode XI 

As I was walking back home the reality of life began to set in. I began to remember what Ozioma went through when she got pregnant out of wedlock. how they disgrace her mum in front of the congregation; stating that she failed in her duty of raising her daughter and her dad was put on suspension from his position as an elder in our local church. Ozioma’s father later disowned her and till date nobody knows about her whereabout.  

I went home and told my parents what he said, dad did not show any form of emotions, but mum wailed, she cried, she shouted, it was not a good sight to behold. Seeing them shattered tore my soul apart. I watched my happy home looming in sadness and wished I could turn the hands of time; I wished I could still be that little daddy’s girl with dreams and aspiration, but all my mind could think of then was death. 

Mornings were not my best time because of morning sickness but mum made sure I woke up early, did my chores and forced me to go to school. Going to school was a nightmare because rumors of me being pregnant were going round due to changes happening to my body and how I often sleep in class.  

I managed to sit for my exams and my performance was below average but thankfully I did not fail. Home was toxic to live in, school was not a happy place to be either. My uniforms were becoming tight and uncomfortable and mum refused to change my clothes saying the person who put me in the condition should take care of me. 

I visit Mr. Jolomi’s almost every day after school to beg him to accept me and gave him the option of marrying any other woman he loves after me, but he rejected and warned me not to jeopardies his stay in our community since he is about to roundup his service year. The thought of him leaving me was scary. I begged, cried, pleaded and he insisted on abortion at 10weeks (about 2 and a half months). 

One Saturday dad forced me to take him to his house since he refused to come over. I took Dad to his house and the Mr. Jolomi I saw that day was a tiger. Dad begged and pleaded for him not to bring shame to him, but he was too strong hearted to change his mind. 

Please, my son marry her. I can kneel to beg you. do not put me into shame please uwam. I am begging you. My heart is broken, she is my favorite child Jolomi! I hate the fact that we all are suffering for this. if you do not have the money, I will give you money ” dad pleaded almost him tears and Mr. Jolomi replied by saying  

” Sir, I cannot marry your child, it was a moment we enjoyed, and I should not suffer for it. it is simple, use the money for the marriage rite to abort the baby.” 

Dad looked at me, shook his head and said ” Ada, anya m, ị na-ahụ ihe ị kpatara. Mr. Jolomi, you will have a child some day and you will understand this pain!” Dad stood up and we went home. 

After our meeting with Mr. Jolomi dad had no other option than to meet my school principal for help. He explained everything to her, and she was disappointed, annoyed and threatened to report Mr. Jolomi and get him arrested for child abuse/force murder on the unborn child if he refuses to marry me.  

Mr. Jolomi agreed to marry me after the principal threatened him. However, we were not able to perform marriage rites because in our tradition the bride price of a pregnant lady cannot be paid until she puts to bed, so I was asked to go and live in his house in the city while he stays behind to complete his service. 

I did not feel like going. I feared the unknown and everything was happening too fast. Leaving the people and home I knew and loved was not an easy thing. Dad was sitting in front of our house without showing any form of emotion as I walked to the awaiting vehicle that will convey us to the park.  

My mum and siblings were crying and if I had powers, I would have changed my fate at that moment.  

Episode XII 

We got to his mini flat in the city and as I step my feet into the parlor, I used my eyes to scan where I will call my new home and raise our children in. He explained where to get things and warned me not to get involve with his neighbors because he will not want anyone to know he is the father of my child, and I should always address him as my uncle.  

He said the reason why he brought me to his house is because of the pressure and I should never think we will ever be like husband and wife. I listened to all the instructions with a broken heart but I had no choice than to abide by his instructions just for peace to reign and a part of me felt with time he will come to love and accept me as his wife if I do not fight or go against his will; at least him bringing me to his house was a good start. 

He stayed for the weekend and left very early on Monday morning after making sure we had sex throughout the weekend not minding how tired or sick I was feeling. Our first intimacy in his house was different and odd, the butterflies I used to feel were missing. It is because of the pregnancy, I said to myself. 

Since he went back to my village to complete his service, if I do not call, he will not call and most times when I call, he will say ” I am busy, call you back” and he will never call me back. If I complain he will remind me of how they forced him into this, and I should stop disturbing him with constant complaints. 

If you are tired already, come back to your village and tell your people you do not want to be married to me” he said the last time I complained about our communication. 

I apologized and promised never to complain, which I never did. 

Life was becoming sad and depressing, I do not sit out even when the weather is hot because I do not want to go against his will.  

There is this lady who sings and plays nice songs from her phone any time she comes to our window to lay out her clothes. I will sneak to our window just to listen to her playlist anytime she is spreading her clothes. One noon as I prowl out of our apartment to get something from a nearby market, she saw me and called out to me  

eiiiii, hello, hello ” I heard but acted as if I did not and rushed out of the gate. 

I came back from the market and was trying to sneak into our flat when I saw the lady standing in front of our door. I was shocked and prayed she would leave before I get to the door. 

Hello dear, how are you?” she asked. 

Fine,” I replied hastily and rushed to open the door. 

ermmm, we are not fighting. I see you are new here that is why I want to know you ” she said. 

Thank you” I walked in and locked the door. 

She was surprised at my action, clapped her hands, gave out a sigh and went to her flat. 

I felt bad and could not hold my tears when I sat down. I wished I never promised to stay away from people as Mr. Jolomi instructed. I prayed to God and begged him to beg her for me; that my action was not intentionally. 

Since the incident with our neighbor, I have been restless and longed to have an opportunity to make amends. One noon while she was spreading clothes, I summoned the courage to meet her even though I had no idea how to start the conversation. As I got to where she was spreading clothes not knowing what to say, I burst into tears. She dropped the clothes in her hands back into the bucket and came to my side. 

“Are you okay?” she asked with concern 

Yes, I want to say I am sorry for the other day please forgive me ” I pleaded. 

She said it was fine and understood my hormones were the cause for my action. I did not understand what she meant by hormones, but I nodded and left for my flat.  

I was Five months pregnant with no medical appointment or interaction with people. It was an isolated life filled with endless tears and regrets in that house. If I call Mr. Jolomi is either he will rush the call or he will not pick. I could not complain to my parents because I knew how dad wanted me out of his house.  

When I was seven months gone in the pregnancy Mr. Jolomi came back home after service. I was happy that finally I will have him close by and maybe life will become better. He came back and life became worse.  

He complains about everything. how I eat too much, how I waste things and how slow I was not minding I was carrying his baby inside of me. 

One noon while he was away with his friends, I heard a knock on the door and when I went to open the door the person’s perfume nearly shocked me. As I opened the door, I saw a tall fine fair lady with red lipstick. Her skin was shining like that of the sun and her hair was as long as the tail of a horse.  

Immediately she saw me she smiled so wide, and my heart told me she might be Mr. Jolomi’s sister then she said ” Oh child, you are my baby’s cousin that he has been talking about” 

Episode XIII 

I did not know when I nod my head in affirmation and made way for her to come in. as she was moving her luggage, she kept on asking how I was, how I am feeling, have I eaten etc. She was caring but her presence was intimidation so all I did was to give her monosyllabic responses.  

She dropped her luggage and rushed out immediately. I sat down wishing Mr. Jolomi would come before her so he came to free me from my inquisitive mind. I had a lot in my heart, and I needed clarification on who she is, “My baby” in her statement kept reoccurring in my head. As I was deep in my thought Mr. Jolomi dashed into the parlor like someone who was being chased. 

“I hope you did not tell her I am your baby daddy? I hope you did not explain anything to her, did you?” he was asking with so much aggressiveness. 

I said “NO”  

Good, what then did you tell her?” He enquired 

Nothing” I retorted 

I guess you are wondering who she is. She is my fiancée, the woman I am getting married to. I told her you are my cousin who is chased out due to your pregnancy and she must never find out, do you understand “ he questioned. 

I looked at him wondering how he could be this wicked and callous, all the plans and hope I was having were more wishes that would never happen. Why did he make me fall in love with him? Why did he lead me on and make me fall so deep? Why is he hurting me this bad? What wrong have I ever done to him? All these were going through my mind as I looked at him with tears.  

he shook my arms and asked at the top of his voice “do you understand? ” As I was about to reply, the fair lady walked in. “Baby what is wrong, why are you scolding her?” she asked.  

he went to her, hugged her so tight, planted million kisses on her body and said” never mind about the scolding, I need to keep her in check”  

Noooo do not shout at her please, she is young” she left him to my side and tried petting me. 

I rested my head on her shoulders and cried her a river. She spoke softly and made sure I felt better before going to have a heated argument with Mr. Jolomi which resulted to her leaving the house to God knows where. 

Mr. Jolomi decided to bounce the frustration on my body before she came back. He beat the hell out of me, and I thought I would die that day. 

You want to scatter my life and plans. I hate you so much. I hate you for ruining my happiness” he said in between the hit. 

When he stopped, I struggled to drag myself outside. I went out not knowing where or what to do and thankfully I met our neighbor that spread her clothes behind our window. She came to me and asked if I was okay, and I said no that I was feeling pain.  

“Are you due for delivery?” she asked. I stared at her in confusion. 

I mean, is the baby coming?” she reiterated while demonstrating what she was saying.  

I kept starring at her, so she offers I come to her apartment, I obliged without thinking twice. 

She brought food and cold water for me. I ate as if my life depends on it even as I was feeling sharp pains round my waist at intervals. She asked what was wrong with my face and why I was outside crying.  

He beat me” I replied  

Your uncle?” she asked in shock.  

I was tired of hiding, I was tired of keeping quiet, I wanted to talk to someone, so I poured out my heart to her. At the end of my story telling, we were both crying. She promises to take me to the hospital tomorrow so she can register me for an antenatal and check if I am okay after the beating. 

I slept in her house and that was the first good sleep I ever had since my pregnancy.  

The next day, sister blessing took me to a government hospital not too far from our house and thankfully everything was fine, she also registered me for antenatal and I was given a day to come for my appointment. 

I came back from the hospital and met Mr. Jolomi’s wife to be moving some household items into the house, I guess she went shopping. 

Ada, you are back from your friend’s place? how are you? she asked as I got to the door with the assistant of my sister’s blessing. 

I am fine” I replied. 

Take care of yourself, I will see you later” Sister blessing interjected. 

I walked in and went to the room to sleep. 

Mr. Jolomi’s fiancée prepared vegetable soup with semolina and woke me up to eat. In as much as I feel hurt and betrayed by Mr. Jolomi, the lady was a nice and accommodating being. At night Mr. Jolomi said I will have to sleep in the parlor while they both sleep in the bedroom. I accepted without questioning him. 

Since sister Blessing registered me for antenatal, I will sneak out to go for my appointment with aunty blessing. I used to love hearing the baby’s heartbeat and at 8months I was told he is a boy. I could not wait to see him, and I was hopeful Mr. Jolomi would choose me when I give birth to his first son.  

Low key I was in a competition with the fine lady without even knowing. One evening while we were watching a TV program Mr. Jolomi and his wife to be began to make out in front of me. I heard their moan and laughter, and my heart burned with utmost pain and anger. 

I tried my best to stay calm since I could not go to the room, he restricted me from entering the room. I sat down watching the man I ever love kiss and caress another woman. It got to a point where I could not stand the heat any longer, so I walked out and went to sister blessing’s house.  

I explained everything in tears, and she said ” if you can accept an offer, I can help you start your life all over again. You are still young”

Episode XIV 

I will do it aunty” I replied in a gullible way. 

I work with an agency that sends young girls to Arab countries for housekeeping job and if you are lucky with a good boss, they can see you through school and give you a better life.” she said 

“Aunty I will do it. I can do any house chores. Aunty, please send me there” I pleaded almost in tears.  

The problem now is, you will have to do away with your baby, you cannot travel with a baby” she said while searching my eyes to see if I will change my mind.  

Knowing I will have to do away with my baby made me feel some type of way but the thought of traveling out gave me a sense of hope and fulfilment. I decided to call my mum to explain all I have been going through and aunty blessing’s offer.  

I begged her to come and carry the baby when I put to bed so I could travel out for work. Mum was quite for some time before saying 

“isi adịghị gị mma, you are crazy. I will not take care of any child unless you both come to this village for your marriage rite. You need to remove this shame you brought upon us. Your daddy has been in and out of the hospital because of this issue. If a child decides to eat what is meant for adults, the child should enjoy the outcome of the food. Ada, call me when you both want to get married” she hung up without waiting for my reply. 

I met aunty Blessing and told her what my mum said, and she gave the offer of us selling my baby away. The offer was tough and heartbreaking because I have come to love and bond with the child. I looked forward to having him with me but here I am in between choosing him or my future.  

I accepted the offer; I chose my future because I had reason to keep him. Aunty Blessing already said, having him with no help will destroy my life and destiny. 

Mr. Jolomi did not ask about my whereabout when I went out, he was not bothered about things that concern me, he was always with his wife to be and at some point, they began planning their wedding. She would ask me if a particular design was good or not and was always trying to carry me along with the preparation. It was hard pretending, but I had to swallow my pain.  

Aunty Blessing was already planning my visa and was looking for who will buy my son when he is born.  

At nine months Mr. Jolomi and his wife to be traveled to her village for their traditional marriage and the thought of it was a force for me to sell his child so I can be free from him forever.  

Finally, the day for my delivery came. It was a painful 42 hours (about 2 days) labor and thankfully I was able to push him out but was too tired to look at him or even hold him before I slept off. When I woke up, I saw Aunty Blessing seating on a chair pressing her phone. I turned to look for my son, but he was not beside me or anywhere in the room. 

“Aunty, where is he?” I asked aunty Blessing. 

Who?” she replied 

My baby” I became agitated. 

She came to my bed and held my hands ” Ada, I already gave the baby to the couple who bought him, you were so tired, and we felt taking him away while it is fresh is better” she said. 

Oh, my heart broke into tiny pieces, they did not allow me to see my child after spending nine months in my tummy. I knew he was going to be for someone, but I never knew I was never going to see his face or touch him. Why did they not allow me to feel the child of my youth and behold his face. I wished I could change the hands of time. I wished I never accepted the offer; I never knew it would hurt like this. I never knew I would love someone I have never met this much. I cried, shouted and begged her to let them bring him for me to see him for a few hours. 

“Ada, it is not possible. He has gone to another city and the agreement we signed is not to have any contact with them after paying and you know it is the money we used for your visa. Ada, I see your pain and understand how you feel but please endure this pain. This pain will go after a few days and when you travel out it will be better. Ada, you will give birth again and life will be sweet. allow this one to go” she pleaded. 

I soaked my pillows with tears and at that moment, I cursed Mr. Jolomi. 

Mr. Jolomi, you deceived me, you made me fall in love with you. You took my innocence; you made me believe you love me. You made my happy home turn into a sad place; you turned me into a childless mother, and you have caused me so much pain. Mr. Jolomi, no child will be heard in your house, you will beg to eat and pray for death, but you will never see it. Mr. Jolomi, you will suffer” I said in wailing and crying. 

Aunty Blessing was still in her seat, and I was glad she allowed me to curse out, it made me feel a little better.  

I travelled to Sabah as Salim, in Kuwait, and was lucky to be employed by a nice couple who has two kids and the only person I talk to was aunty Blessing. I tried calling my mum before traveling but she did not answer my almost hundred miss calls or even call back.  

After working for two years my employers called me one day to ask if I would like to further my education, which I happily said yes to. They fulfilled their promise and life began to look fine, I made sure the house was clean and the kids were happy.  

They became my family, celebrated my birthdays and made me feel like they were their own.  

Episode XV 

Years flew so fast with my employers. Aunty Blessing got married and left Mr. Jolomi’s compound but before she left, she said immediately after their white wedding they moved out of the compound. It was a tough period even though I was far away but thanks to my madam, she helped me through by showing me love and care. She spoke to me and reminded me of a better tomorrow if only I will embrace a new beginning. 

I tried to be strong but occasionally I feel down when I think of my people’s fate back home and the child I never get to see or hold even though I live with the evidence of carrying him in my body.  

It was a tough journey. I had to go through a lot of emotional instability, self-esteem issues and inferiority complex at a young age without understanding what there were. 

My employers saw me through college and throughout my years in school I made sure I stayed away from any form of relationship with the opposite gender because of my experience with Mr. Jolomi. I shut my heart from love and gave no room for anything that would make me fall victim for the second time.  

There were times I wanted to give in, but traumas of the past came hunting me which made me acted in toxic ways, so I told myself the best thing for me was to just make money and live my life without a man. However, Mr. Rex, who happens to be our family doctor, was convinced that I would someday be his wife. He spoke to my employers and my madam was always preaching how it is important to give love another chance and she believes Mr. Rex is the best man for me. 

I explained everything to Mr. Rex, and he promised to be patient with me and allow me to overcome the traumas. We became friends and he was my go-to person whenever I needed a person to talk to. No matter how tight his schedule is he will always create time for me. Mr. Rex will always tell me how much he loves me after a conversation or an outing. with him, I realized Mr. Jolomi never used the word I LOVE YOU.  

I got a Job in a law firm and Mr. Rex was pushing for us to get married; after much deliberation I decided to come back home with him for our marriage rites and my coming was filled with anxiety. I told aunty Blessing about our plans, and she was so excited for me.  

We travelled back to Nigeria, and we spent somedays with aunty Blessing and her family. It was a beautiful thing seeing her again. If it were not for her, I do not know what would have happened to me. After spending a few days with her we set out for my hometown. All I remembered was my Village and kindred name, so we kept asking questions on our way.  

I could not remember my village anymore, all the corners I used to play were different. Things change without us knowing until we think about it. 

With the direction from passerby, we got to my father’s compound, the gate and building was different and beautiful than the way I left it. We came down with our luggage after paying the cab man and walked into the compound. On sighting my mum coming out of the main door I felt like running away. Feelings I never knew about began to crop out of my body; aunty blessing held my hands and said 

You can do this” 

I nodded my head and continued walking to her. 

She did not recognize me until I was so close to her and immediately, she recognized me, she threw her bag and screamed my name. I rushed into her arms and cried to my satisfaction.  

she explained how my dad lost the land issue and later died from High Bp. She said my immediate younger sister got married to a rich Merchant in a neighboring city and he is the one responsible for the house and sponsoring my brother in school.  

She apologized and asked about my child, her question opened my wound again, but I had to explain things to her. she never stops saying ” I am sorry”  

She said Mr. Jolomi came looking for me a few years back to ask for his child because the wife could not give him a child. I asked if she knows where he lives because a part of me wanted him to face the law for having sex with an underage.  

It is called Statutory rape, minors cannot legally consent to have sex with adults but unfortunately, nobody knows about his were about. 

I got married to the best man and we have four beautiful kids. I now run an NGO called Ada-cares. Our mission is to explain dangers of early sex or getting involve in romantic relationship with the opposite sex. 

I still get hurt whenever I think about my child that was sold away and my youthfulness taken. I wonder how he is and if I will ever meet him but if I don’t while on earth; I pray when we leave this world, he will understand I was a child whose childhood was stolen. 

I am forever grateful to aunty Blessing and my employers; I visit them and keep in touch with them after I relocated to Cananda with my family. 

I cannot imagine what my life would have turned out without aunty Blessing and my employer’s love and support. 

Dear parent, telling your young children to stay away from sex is not enough, give them practical examples of what can become of them if they do.  

Do not forget to have sex education with your children on time, there is nothing to be ashamed of and lastly, make sure you create a close relationship with your kids.  


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      1. God should help us ‘mothers’ to give our children the right information at an early age, and follow them up, so they won’t make costly mistakes in life.
        I don’t like what I’m feeling for this girl.

  1. Very interesting story. I feel the father is expecting so much from her, i pray she won’t make mistake in life.

  2. BIA this girl, you really have to be careful ooo don’t use dis your foolish infatuation and break your father’s heart😡

  3. God! I don’t just know the way this story makes me feel… Happy or angry. Thank God it was actually a house keeping Job. I thought otherwise 🤦 The part where she was not allowed to see her baby broke me into pieces I’m a mother I can only imagine how she felt. As for Mr jolomi hmmmm karma is waiting…..

  4. So sweet
    What a happy ending for Ada. It pays to build a strong relationship with our kids and to teach them sex education on time, not all would end well like Ada.

  5. Oh I love the ending….. Luck happened to her. I pray parents do the right thing by teaching their children sex education.male children are not excluded….. They are also being abused,they don’t get pregnant yes but the emotional trauma lives with them for the rest of their lives. Thank you Miracle Uche…. This is a beautiful story 🥰

  6. Wow…this jst reminded me of the male teacher I had back in nd how he was fond of me… TnkGod for the kind of parents I av that didn’t shy away from Sex Education wt me…so I knw wat the idiot was coming for evn at that tender age…Nice one girly💯✅😍

  7. Nice story ajebo chairlady. Education and importantly sex Education is almost always overlooked.

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